Don’t pay bank fees

Bank fees will add up quickly and you really shouldn’t need to pay your bank any fees. I primarily bank at Chase and they charge $6 account maintenance fee if you don’t have at least 5 debit card transactions or a minimum $500 direct deposit on your account. Now I have two checking accounts one of which is a joint account with my girlfriend and ever since I got my AMEX I’ve been paying everything with it. I recently noticed that I had been charged $6 per month as a maintenence fee for several months so I called to Chase. I asked if there was any minimum balance requirements or maintenance fees associated with my accounts and the customer service rep explained the requirements and offered to reverse the charges for past 4 months just like that.

You should also not accept any overdraft charges especially if it’s your first time. Just call your bank and explain that you’ve been a good customer and it has been a mistake and you’d like them to reverse the charges. It never hurts to ask but make sure you’ve transferred money on your account so that it’s positive. I’ve set it up so that if I try to use my debit card and there’s not enough balance it gets rejected.