Earn money from data that you are otherwise sharing for free


Originally posted on My Journey to Wealth

If you have Facebook or Google apps in your phone you are giving away your data for them for free. Most of use don’t even care because we want to use their apps and many don’t even realize what kind of data they are collecting and sharing for a fee for other companies. What if you could also profit from the data that you are already giving for free? That is where this new app Tapestri comes in. They pay you for the data that you share just by having the app in your phone and running it in the background. Tapestri on the other hand is very open by letting you know what data you share.

So how much does it pay me?

The app is launching in USA first and what they are currently saying is that you can get up to $25/month. The actual earnings depends on multiple factors like your location. When you install the app it calculates you your target goal and shows your monthly progress. Additionally you can earn additional $1/month for every referred active user that installs the app.

Register for the app

The app itself is not yet launched publicly but you can preregister for it. If you do please use my referral link it doesn’t cost you a thing.

Earn even more as affiliate by referring others

As an affiliate you can earn even more by getting commission on your referrals referrals as well as affiliate referrals. Since the app will be at launch only in USA registering as affiliate allows you to earn those $1/month referrals even outside USA. They have a $9,95USD monthly fee if you want to earn on multiple levels and even become super affiliate but you can skip the payment and earn only on direct referrals. Before the app launches which should be any day now they are offering to waive the recurring affiliate fee for first year so you only pay once. I personally don’t like anything that costs you to be able to earn but since this is very early on still I took the risk and paid the fee.

Is this a MLM or pyramid scheme?

The affiliate program certainly resembles a MLM type scheme but the product i.e. app registration is free and you can earn without paying the fee I’d say it’s not but time will tell.

Register as affiliate

Sign up as affiliate using my referral link and we can both start earning. If you need any help feel free to reach out to me.