Astraweb Usenet Server $8/mo Special Offer

I’ve been using Usenet for few years now and tried several paid providers but Astraweb seems to be the most consistent on speed and availability and since they are now having a special offer $8/month for unlimited (normally $15/mo or $39/3 mo) I thought I’d mention it to my readers. Some quick facts about Astraweb

  • 2,100+ days binary retention
  • 1,095 days text retention
  • 85,000+ newsgroups
  • 99%+ completion rate
  • 20 connections
  • US and European servers
  • 256-bit SSL included
  • $8/mo unlimited DSL special offer

I just recently switched back to Astraweb but I’m using a block account since my monthly usage has dropped way down. If you know any better providers do let me know. I’m especially interested in ones with good download speeds in EU. With Astraweb I can saturate my 100Mbit/s download link.