TriggerTrap Mobile

I got a TriggerTrap Mobile for me and my wife some time ago from Jan at TriggerTrap and this review has been pending ever since. We were going to do a field test and see how TriggerTrap mobile stacks up against Trigger Happy. That how ever got didn’t happen because weather was against us on our camping trip to Big Sur and we also had technical difficulties because of iOS 6 with both devices. So instead of doing a indepth review I’m going to write my initial thoughts on this product.

TriggerTrap Mobile consists of the dongle, camera spefic cable and the app. There’s two versions of the app: free and paid. I’ve tried them both. The paid version has much more functions than the free version. You can use the app also with iPhones built-in camera but pointing it is little hard because the app doesn’t show a preview like the regular camera app and there’s of course no view finder in iPhone. My only gripe about the app really is that it’s really hard to make out anything in bright daylight and some of the adjustments are too sensitive and hard to get the exact number you want.

I personally like this product more than Trigger Happy Remote. It’s more polished product and there’s much more documentation on triggertrap website. Also if you ever switch cameras or have multiple cameras you only need to get a new camera cable and can use the same dongle. Another great thing is that you can order your dongle and cable from Amazon. Lastly big thanks to TriggerTrap for providing us review copies. We are going to continue to play with them as time allows. Check out also my wife’s blog Great use of Pixels.

Introducing Triggertrap Mobile from Triggertrap on Vimeo