Trigger Happy Camera Remote Kickstarter project

trigger happy remote.jpg

trigger happy remote.jpgIn last March I discovered a cool Kickstarter project called Trigger Happy Camera Remote. It’s a DSLR camera remote that you control with a iOS or Android device. I immediately thought that it would be an excellent gift to my wife who is photographer.

The project looked like it’s going to be funded well in advance of the May deadline and they were estimating shipping in June. Seemed like all was good and the project got funded with almost 10x what they were asking. After the funding goal was reached there were no updates for a month and a half and finally mid June got an update that it would be ready soon. Still no indication of when it would actually ship.

In beginning of July we finally got an update that there was a manufacturing defect and they would have to delay for few more weeks which is perfectly understandable. As I’m writing this another deadline went past without any updates on the progress. Another bad move they made is that they lowered the retail price to $49.95 even before shipping the product to their backers who paid a minimum of $50 + $5 for shipping. Some people even paid $100 to get dips on the first batch.

Now even if the final product is awesome I highly doubt I will ever back any projects by these guys due to their lack of good communication skills.